Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions, Please Read Carefully

Service Order Forms shall be submitted 3 Days (or more) prior to the moving date. No Sunday or Holiday moves without prior approval.
2 Workers/Movers (Network Service Providers) for $270.00 covers the first 4 hours. $40.00 for each additional hour. Workers/Movers may charge Overtime Rates past 8 hours of service (time and a 1/2).
$110 deductible, from the customers “Down Payment/Deposit”.
$110 deductible, from the customers “Down Payment/Deposit”.
Credit Card Reversal and or unable to collect on Payments for services rendered shall be reported to the following outside services for collections: Collection Agency, Recovery Agency, Credit Bureau, Small Claims Court.
Moving Service Providers (Contractor and or Sub-Contractor) provide Loading and or Unloading Services for Customers with Moving Vehicles (Rental Moving Vehicles, Moving Truck, Moving Van, Moving Pod, Moving Trailer, Moving Crates, Moving Container), including Self Storage Bins, Storage Facility and Special Moving Request. Workers may assist with the disassembly and re-assembly of Bedroom Sets, and the Disconnection and Reconnection of Washers and Dryers (Gas Appliances Not Included).
No Travel Charge … Click on “Find Providers” to see a list of our Moving Service Providers near your area. If your service area is questionable call 1 (888) 849-1547
Shall be listed in the “Special Instructions Box” on the Service Order Form and pre-approved by the company. Items over 300 pounds may not be moved if they are not listed and or pre-approved.
The Customer shall provide the proper equipment and or supplies (Dollies, Boxes, Pads, Tie Down Straps, Rope, Etc.) needed to facilitate the move. Moving equipment and or supplies are generally available from the Rental Truck facility. The customer shall be liable for providing and driving all moving vehicles.
The Company shall be liable for damage to items which are “Dropped” by the Workers (Moving Service Provider) during the use service. No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed. Items, Objects and or Appliances which are damaged by being “Dropped” by the workers (Moving Service Providers) will have a “Replacement and or Repair” value of $0.60 (cents) per/pound. Please note, that most Home Owners or Renter’s Insurance Policies cover damage to Items, Objects, and Appliances while being relocated by the Owner of said Items, Objects, and Appliances via. Rental Moving Vehicle.